this is an intervention

Translation: take a day off.

work with me

(An actual day off. Not a day you promise yourself you won't work - and still sneak in a few pins on a client board in the name of "I just love what I do!")

I know I don't have to tell you this but time is money. You put in the time early on and now your time has appreciated in value. It's time to reap what you've sown and actually get your time BACK to enjoy it.

If you’re ready to prioritize YOUR business again, but don’t want your client experience to suffer,

meet me, nikki.

The Online Business Manager you've been looking for.

make your future self green with nvious strategies

(green as in money... hello, 6-figure living!)






You're on the edge of burn out and streamlined processes could make your life SO much easier. You know who to call (Me, not Ghostbusters).

We set up a discovery call to see if we'd be picture perfect partners. You choose one of the NVious Strategies below.

I audit all of your current systems and break down what I think our best first steps should be.

We get down to business, beginning with day-to-day operations systems.

We ride off into the 6-figure sunset together.

From setting up your business to building out your funnels to learning how to set up your Dubsado - let's put those puzzle pieces together. This package is for you if you want to get together a solid game plan, but don't need ongoing support.


*Cue Jesus Take the Wheel!* This package is perfect if you're ready to partner up and let me manage you. Send me your to-do list (or the mess of stuff that needs to go on a list...), and I'll cross it off for you so all you have to do is the big-picture work.

operations management

customize your nvious experience

You're not like everyone else, so why choose a package that everyone else could choose from? Contact me to talk through which options would make me the perfect "You" times two.

I'm Nikki, and I've been cheering you on behind the screens for a while. You cheer, I cheer. You cry, I cry (but ain't nobody got time for that!). 

I take my role as an OBM and Business Operations Strategist uber seriously.

why me?
my clients have called me a "godsend"

My approach is part relief (think therapy for your business!) and part attack. I relieve you of the work you don't love, and attack any tasks that hold you back from you stepping into your brilliance as a designer (looking at you, automations!).

This concoction of strategy has led to comments like these from my previous clients: "It's like you are another version of me!" and "I needed someone to manage ME."

It’s my job to make your job everything you intended it to be, not the slowly-graying-your-hair job it is now.

How badly could you use another YOU?

how do i know i need an obm?

Questions I've actually been asked.

scout's honor.

Do you need someone to manage you? Do you need help managing your team (yes, even one contractor counts!)? Are you looking for another version of you? If you nodded at 2/3 of these--it's time to consider an OBM. You can find out more about what I do on this blog!

my va handles a lot of this stuff. what do you do differently?

Keep your seat, I'm about to blow your mind. You've heard of being a "jack of all trades," but have you ever heard the END of the story? The full quote is, "a jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than master of one." That's me. I do all the things, and I pride myself on doing them well. I even have a bunch of creds to prove it (see: homepage!). Want me to break it down further for you? I wrote a blog post all about it.

Neeeed. how soon can you take over the backend systems?

Not gonna lie, there is a short transition period (usually 2-3 months) before I'm able to TOTALLY lift everything off you. There are a lot of factors at play. First, I'll need to see what you're doing, learn your style of doing things, what tools you use, your current systems and processes, etc. Then, we'll tweak those to make sure everything runs like a well oiled machine before you're hands-off and I'm hands-on. But relief is immediate because you know your business is in good hands.

How much do i need to be involved?

Very little after the transition period mentioned above. I believe in open and often communication so you'll never be completely out of the loop, but after a while you won't need to do any of the backend management.

omg i neeeeed you, nikki. how long can i keep you?!

As long as you want? Kidding. I start full management packages at three months but you can renew for three or six months after that. Not in the market for ongoing support? An intensive may be perfect for you. You can learn more about that here.

how do we stay in touch throughout our project/contract?

I'm ALL about Slack so nothing slips through the cracks (look, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!). If you're new to Slack, I'd be happy to walk ya through it. It's the best way to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle!

how many clients do you work with at a time?

*Sigh* a loaded question. All of my clients' needs vary so I can't give a black or white answer here. At max, I can take on four to give everyone the experience they deserve.

what if i don't need #allthethings?

A la carte! Huzzah! Just send me a message and we'll work out a way for you to get your time back, and I'll tackle the details.


Heck yes I do! $200 off per referral. How does that sound?