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I bet I can read your mind right now: What on earth is an Operations manager for designers?  Honestly, I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep up with the business titles we see on Instagram nowadays either. And my own title might be a part of it…whoops. Recently, I had a graphic designer […]

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Ops manager for designers – and when you might need one

Sure, having clients is cool but have you ever had slap-happy clients?   Go ahead–Google “slap happy.” It means “recklessly carefree.”   That’s how I want my clients to feel. So happy, so grateful, so free to enjoy their businesses. Like a kid on Christmas, or a mom with a WHOLE day off (sans cooking, […]

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Slap-Happy Systems Your Business Needs (Yesterday)

You know that feeling when you look at your calendar, instantly feel overwhelmed and have to fight the urge to close your computer and pretend it doesn’t exist? Ha! Yeah, me neither. 😉     We’ve all been there. As service-based entrepreneurs, we’re inundated with mixed messages like…  Email Marketing is where the money is. […]

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The Ultimate Face-Off: OBM vs. VA