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I know I don’t have to tell you this but time is money. You put in the time early on and now your time has appreciated in value. It’s time to reap what you’ve sown and actually get your time BACK to enjoy it.

If you’re ready to prioritize YOUR vision again, instead of wading through the everyday minutiae,

meet me, nikki.

The Business Strategist you've been looking for.

We set up a discovery call to see if we’d be picture perfect partners.

Based on our conversation, I’ll recommend a the perfect track that will best support your vision, but ultimately, you still choose which slice you’re after.

We get to work and get down to business! Told you it was easy.

answer: "that"

here's how it works

i've got a question:

do you want to be working like you are now in 5 years?

(Or do you want to feel like the CEO and let others support your vision?)

Here we walk together for 6 months to get you significantly closer to the business you imagined. Within each, we walk through my proprietary framework to make sure every aspect of your business is covered.

Perfect for those who desire accountability, a constant sounding board, and intentional strategies every step of the way.

1:1 analysis + Action

*Cue Jesus Take the Wheel!* The Business Audit gives you our eyes on your business to give you major takeaways and next steps on the areas of opportunity we see for your team & culture. Broken up into 2, 3, or 5 calls.

Perfect if you and your team are ready to roll up your sleeves and utilize strategies to feel more sturdy, knowledgeable, and confident in yourself AND your business.

custom business audit

- SMART Goal Mapping
- Strengths Assessment
- Systems Audit
- Success KRAs, SWOT, + Trend Analysis
- Standards Exploration, Team KPIs, + Trend Analysis

Basically your opportunity to pick my brain and get customized strategies in any of the following areas.

Perfect if you're wanting a quick step in the right direction.


90 minute launchpad

I’m Nikki, and I’ve been cheering you on behind the screens for a while. You cheer, I cheer. You cry, I cry. (But ain’t nobody got time for that!)

I take my role as a Sustainability Strategist uber seriously. It’s my job to make yours everything you intended it to be. 

why me?
my clients have called me a "godsend"

I don’t promise “growing pain prevention” for nothin’. I kinda have a superpower for stopping potential problem spots as you scale your business, so I strategize a realistic action plan to prevent growth from being a stressor. Hello--growth is GOOD. It should feel that way too.

As for part II of my approach---preparation. When was the last time you felt totally prepared for whatever your business threw at you? My clients will tell you, it was the day I took the reins. 

tha'ts why my approach to scaling your business into a sustainable online company is part prevention (think therapy for your business) and part preparation. 

how do i know i need you?

Questions I've actually been asked.

scout's honor.

When you start to realize that your everyday isn’t what you want long term. When you’re ready to focus on growth and stability. When you’re ready to create a legacy. And lastly, when you’re tired of saying, “I just need some help!” 

How much do I need to be involved?

I always expect the absolute best of my clients so they can get the best of their business. It does take work, but the rewards are insane! The purpose of my job is to keep you from doing everything. Your job is to vision cast, delegate, participate, and set boundaries!

OMG i neeeeeed you, nikki. How long can I keep you?!

Wave the white flag and I’ll be there in a flash, but “keeping me” depends on the nature of the work we’re doing together. So basically, just ask!

how do we stay in touch throughout our project/contract?

I'm ALL about Slack so nothing slips through the cracks (look, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!). If you're new to Slack, I'd be happy to walk ya through it. It's the best way to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle!

how many clients do you work with at a time?

*Sigh* a loaded question. All of my client’s needs vary so I can’t give a black or white answer here, BUT I never take on more than I can handle or distracts from the experience & attention they deserve.