the left brain to your right brain

or the right brain to your left brain

custom Done for You business expansions

You scaled your business to this point. But you need help to take it to the next level, to really EXPAND. You're 50 shades of exhausted, and things are slipping through the cracks.

You're full of the best ideas, but you've left yourself no time or energy to do the things. And frankly, you're getting tired of your friends & family asking you why you're still working so much.

Exact quote: "Can't you get someone to help you with all that?"

Picture me sliding across the hardwoods in my favorite Christmas onesie to save your systems (It has a hood with bear ears, if you needed help with that mental picture)!

I'm here to relieve you of:

And leave your next big thing(s) with me.

take off your "Project manager" hat

The course launch looming over your head

The course launch looming over your head

The daily struggle (tbh - frustration) of figuring out what to do, when and actually getting it done.

The course launch looming over your head

The daily struggle (tbh - frustration) of figuring out what to do, when and actually getting it done.

The overwhelming comment thread of pitches when you ask for a little help.

client love

Kristina s.

"Nikki brings a MASSIVE sense of relief."

She always has a bank of ideas on how to make my entrepreneurial (and personal!) life easier and most importantly, she knows how to improve my client's experience.

kayla s.

"Nikki always goes above and beyond."

Not only is she a genius when it comes to systems and processes, but she genuinely cares about my business and how it's growing.

jen b.

"working with nikki is worth every penny of the investment."

She feels more like a partner in my business - she is always looking for opportunities to add value and she treats my business like her own. She always goes the extra mile."

From onboarding and offboarding to lead tracking and calendar management, I'm well-versed in tools to streamline all of your processes (but Dubsado is my favorite!).

Systems Set-up and Management

An elevated client experience starts with open & intentional communication. I'll create client profiles detailing their preferred method of communication, style, etc.


You can have your flexibility and your structure too. Time blocking sessions will set you up with a modular calendar so you can add/remove blocks of time to suite your week-to-week without feeling trapped into the same ol' routine.

time blocking session

I’m team no dropped balls or missed deadlines! I can help create timelines, delegate and oversee your team’s progress so you can have easier, stress-free projects.


I’m a business owner too! I’m always happy to share ideas and strategies that have worked for me in an effort to help grow your business too. We’re in this together.

brainstorming + strategic planning

I prefer to do it once, and let the robots handle the rest.

systems + automation

Leave the hassle and headache of hiring to me. I'll find the candidates, ask the tough questions and present you with the best options for you and your business. 

Hiring and onboarding

Yes, even a VA or 1 contractor helps. I can help your team outline project timelines, stick to deadlines and always OVERdeliver.


left brain

right brain

a few of my favorite

tasks to take on for clients!

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Don't see something you're dying to get off your plate?

No worries, this is not an exhaustive list! Just ask!