just how you spell "burning out" with less letters.


 state of being...

"busy" isn't a

i've worked with 23 powerhouses,

and can tell you that they've all spelled "busy" differently.

For some, "busy looked like:

Majorly overwhelmed (cue HIMYM salute).

So many "This'll work for now" bandaids on their systems that it looked like a five-year-old had been playing doctor.

Doing things constantly just to do them, but not getting any closer to what they actually *wanted* (P.S. And not knowing what "things" even are.)

for others it looked like:

Spending 525,600 minutes (I hope you sang that) doing and re-doing everything from small tasks to big projects that weren't done quiiiite right.

Googling how to do 50 different things when all they really wanted to know is how to move your business forward while creating more time freedom.

Delegating for the sake of delegating but not really knowing if it's helping or causing you more stress.

but that was before my clarity plan.

I don't tout a 100% success rate for nuthin'.

skip to the deets.

here's what a

looks like

100% success rate

The confidence to lead your business in the direction you WANT it to go - not just where it's going to take you

To make the decisions based on what you know as opposed to what you feel (Whoa! Polar opinion here - you need to base these things off of facts, not just feelings)

Knowing what to do, when to do it, and who should do it (Hint: Not always YOU!)

More space in your brain to do what matters (personally and professionally)

Having a customized, company-wide to do list to make dreams come true

Loving your business without pressure and getting "there" more quickly

Renewed strength and excitement about your work, your clients, and your days

you say

"I just want someone to tell me what to do."

we say

"clarity. plan."

The ultimate customized roadmap to grow your business the way you want it to go

what is it?

a proactive plan for your business projects and priorities mapped out for one year in one week.

(Yep, you read that right.)

In just 6 sleeps, I'll send you a custom Clarity Plan detailing nitty gritty, SPECIFIC projects, timelines, and action steps to see your vision come to fruition right on schedule. Think of it as the business owner version of "red light: stop, green light: go."

"Nikki's Clarity Plan Intensive was one of the biggest, but smartest investments we've made to date as a small business. We now have a full year's plan in place with clear priorities on what to tackle, one by one. We're on track to nearly double our revenue from 2020!"

- sarah olivia marketing

so, you've got to be wondering...

what all could i possibly get in a week?

clarity, obviously. (sorry, bad dad joke)!

Two 2.5hr sessions to get clear on your next 365 days

Specifications on how to effectively run EVERY "department" of your business

One Week of support following the final session

Seeded mission, vision, and values to help you stay on target

Custom guided thoughtwork to complete between sessions

A fully customized ClickUp Folder with your plan

Identification of gaps, needs, and goals

A quarterly roadmap with action steps, start dates, and task reminders

how does this work?

step one: apply

After your application has been approved, and your deposit has secured your spot, you'll have some preliminary homework to complete before we schedule our first session.

Step 2: Schedule

Schedule your 2 sessions. In the first session, we’ll focus on your big picture vision. The second will be all about those little details that make up the big vision. You’ll have some custom “homework” in between.

Step 3: Wait for the magic

That’s the end of your work, and the middle of my magic. I start jamming out to obnoxious 80s tunes, and turn all of those projects and timelines into easy-to-understand-and-follow guides (read: you’ll know what to do, when to do it, and who’s gonna take care of it). TA DA!!! A roadmap for the ages.

this isn't just a fancy, filled-out clickup calendar though.

It's your roadmap to your best year in business yet

based on principles, categories, foundations, and elements that every business needs to operate. In less words, this Director of Operations has you covered.

Apply now.

long-term success is a short scroll and an application away.

have space to do the things that actually support your dream life.

Know exactly what you need to focus on that day.

Know in detail what needs to be delegated to your team.

Watch your biz grow faster (and stronger), all while it gets easier!

Feel energized and ready to crush some goals.

Actually love your business again.

yes to all of that! make my life easier!

director of operations, ops strategist extraordinaire, "smooth operator" playlist maker, and dad joke lover.

hey, hey!

i'm nikki vance

It's my goal to help business owners like you build a legacy; a company you're proud of. And one that actually gives you the freedom you signed up for. So I guess you could call me a business growing pains prevention specialist. I want your biz to grow, but in an easy and pain-free way. My knack for strategy, planning, and a touch of color-coding has given my clients more predictable paydays, renewed love of their biz, and more than just a few days off.

"Before working with Nikki I felt like my brain was a tangled ball of mush! Overwhelmed, stressed, disorganized. I didn't realize how much I was holding in my brain until my VIP day with Nikki. She helped me get it all "out" and into ClickUp - and now I have so much more brainspace! I feel so much more put-together, organized, and I'm happy that my team isn't losing links anymore!"

- hello june creative

what would growing pain prevention mean to you?

If i had to bet: a lot.

you've scrolled this far... which must mean you're asking, "how much is this dream solution?"

one time clarity plan

for 1 year of business

Two 2.5hr sessions to get clear on your goals, projects, priorities and timelines for the next 365 days in business.

Custom "thoughtwork" to complete between sessions

A fully-detailed, customized ClickUp Folder with your plan, including a quarterly roadmap broken down into projects with prioritized action steps, start dates, pre-scheduled daily, and weekly task reminders, and recommended next steps to keep you on track and truckin' in the right direction---pedal to the metal.

1 Week of support after the second session to finesse any deliverables.

Recording of the call, with timestamp for reference.

Seeded mission/vision/values to help stay on target and in alignment.

Identification of gaps, needs, and goals to prevent any reactive wrong-turns.

Specifications on how to run EVERY "department" of your business from finances and marketing to operations, scaling and client experience.

but wait!

now through the [date], the first 3 people approved and deposit paid will also get:

Your first quarter of the plan will be set up in ClickUp down to the DAY.

My COO guidebook.

An additional week of email support.

1 week of Slack access.

Apply now.

one time investment:

*payment plans available

who is it for?

We're all about a custom fit over here at Nvious. Need some help figuring out if this is the fix-it solution for you?

Because this plan is PROACTIVE, not reactive. And the truth is, you'll get there faster if you go slow & strategic.

let me tell you a secret... it is.

a custom clarity plan is a perfect fit for you if:

You're ready to start making the needle REALLY move.

You care about the long-term outlook of your business.

You don't want to have to choose between the life you dream of and the one that pays the bilz.

You're clear on where you want your business to go (i.e. you've dreamt the dream), but you need help with the getting there part.

this is not for you boo if:

Being busy makes you feel successful

You wear hats better than the Mad Hatter himself (and look smashing in each of them - obviously)

You don't know what you want for your life

You just want to wing it, feel it, and see what happens.

You like the "challenge" of thinking on your feet and reacting to what happens on your tip-tippy toes. #wingingit

take their word for it.

"nikki, this sounds amazing but I have [insert 57,924 other things] to handle first."

Look, I completely get it (You sound like ALL of my clients before they met me ;)).

But I'm going to call you out because A) honesty and candor are the name of my game, and B) you might not have anyone to give it to you straight when you need it.

you 100% could wait on this. But here's what might happen if you do:

you hire people to take things off your plate and end up wasting money.

because you just need them to magically know about the other 57,920 items outside of the 4 you delegated to them.

your to-do list becomes 57,924.

(Oh, you noticed that was the same number, didja? Because as you check things OFF, you ADD to that to-do list too).

The price of the clarity plan will increase.

jus' saying.

the better question is

how long are you willing to keep your hair on fire?

How long are you willing to stay 'busy' and not sprint towards the dream life you said you wanted? How long do you want to be stressed? And is that [insert thing to do here] REALLY going to suffer if you put it off for 3 hours in order to actually propel your business forward? I think not.

how it all works

My promise to you: I won't hand over the keys to ClickUp for you to ooh-and-ahh, stare at for 5 minutes and never touch again. That isn't relief or clarity.

when you and i sit down to do-the-thing, I take into consideration all the important factors so you end up with a really doable roadmap:

Your time

Your bandwith

Your schedule

Your team (even if that's you in different hats)

Your priorities in life


stop one

Identify goals, priorities, and what needs to get done over the next quarter, and the days, weeks, months following.

stop two

Evaluate what's important to you right now, and how much you or your team can handle.

stop one

Identify goals, priorities, and what needs to get done over the next quarter, and the days, weeks, months following.

stop 3

Create the schedule, assignments, deadlines

And then, happy dance!

stop two

Evaluate what's important to you right now, and how much you or your team can handle.

stop one

Identify goals, priorities, and what needs to get done over the next quarter, and the days, weeks, months following.

this game IS a marathon.

no one says you have to rush to get somewhere. pace yourself, cuz this game is a marathon, not a sprint, my friend - no need to get winded.

but ya know what will happen if you rush your way to that application?


You'll save money on outsourcing while still moving your business forward.


You'll get more done in 3 months than you did all last year.


You'll feel peace not having to rush or hold it all in your head (or the 2,179 sticky notes anymore.

So, would you like to keep throwing gasoline on that hair-fire or would you like some water a fire extinguisher to put it out?

apply now.

give me the fire extinguisher.

is this for someone who already has a team or does it work for solopreneurs as well?

still have burning questions?

(hehehe - like what I did there?)

I've got answers!

This sort of structure works with any level of business, regardless of growth or position because it is customized to your business in particular. Whether you are a solopreneur or have a movin' and groovin' team to help execute the plan, you will be left with clarity and direction for the ages... or at least for the year ;)

how often should i get a clarity plan?

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine if you need a one-time plan or an annual subscription:

- How often do I get new visions or ideas?
- How quickly do I want to move this business forward?
- Do I have someone on my team who can ensure we stick to the plan overtime?

what's the time requirement to go through and implement everything?

Ah. A loaded question. The time to implement EVERYTHING depends on what all we put into the plan. However, when creating the plan, some of the many things I take into account are your team and your time. This is not a sprint or a race, so we can map this out as slow and steady as we need to. I’m all about a tortoise’s pace because slow and steady doesn’t wear you out.

how long until i get the roadmap in my hands, fully completed?

This happens at supersonic speed, actually. Okay, no, but for real, from the time we have our first call, you will have the holy grail of roadmaps in your hands in one week*. *Here’s the catch, the sooner your homework is handed in, the sooner I’ll hand over the plan ;) 

what happens if i need support in implementing my plan?

This is the first step I take my clients through before working together. If you are interested in ongoing operations support or implementation of specific projects within an area of the Plan, those options are available on a limited, first-come, first-served basis.

what if my goals change? will this plan then be rendered useless?

You’re a business. Shifts happen (hahaha). That’s why I always recommend revisiting your plan every quarter. However, I pinky promise that unless you totally change everything about what you want in life, this will still be relevant because we base this on your overall vision - the big dream goal - not just what your current goals are. Everything else from your vision just falls into place, so even when shifts happen, the plan is still 100% relevant.

i can't worry about the plan right now. i just need help to get it all done.

You’re in luck! My team and I can help you DO all the things too. But, this clarity plan is the first step. So, if you need the help on the execution part, let’s create your clarity plan first then move into ongoing support so I can manage you, your team, and the plan too!

why this clarity plan over hiring hands-on help? should I invest in that first?

You could, but you’d just be putting yourself back into reactivity mode. Ask yourself these questions, and you’ll find your answer.

- What are you going to pay them to do?
- Do you have a plan to give them?
- Do you have specific tasks or work to assign to them?

OR do you just need the help so badly right now that you think hiring is going to solve the issue? I’m here to tell you that hiring is a key part of the process, but it doesn’t usually come first.

can i get a clarity plan anytime?

I have 4 spots available each month. If you’re on the fence, definitely fill out an application or DM me on Instagram to talk to me and see if this is the best fit! 

how can i be sure this will work for my business?

My process is similar to the Strategic Mapping Model ™ based on principles, categories, foundations, and elements that every business needs to operate, this Director of Operations has you covered. Did I mention I’m licensed and certified in the Strategic Mapping Model ™ ? So basically, when it comes to strategic organization, structure and relief… I gotchu.

Okay, now that we've doused those burning questions, let's douse the stress.

apply now.

to the clarity plan!