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There have been some very buzzy words being thrown around for a few years in the online space and it’s time we define what they mean… or SHOULD mean for you. Especially if you’re aspiring to create a long-term company, while doing something that helps others and makes you happy. Have you heard these words […]

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Four Business Phrases That Mean More Than You Think

SOPs and KPIs may not even be on your radar at all. If they are, they might even make you want to snooze harder than an alarm at 5am.    But then you heard someone talk about them on an Instagram story once, and then it seemed as though the term was popping up all […]

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2 Must-Have Tools for Managing Your Agency

I bet I can read your mind right now: What on earth is an Operations manager for designers?  Honestly, I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep up with the business titles we see on Instagram nowadays either. And my own title might be a part of it…whoops. Recently, I had a graphic designer […]

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Ops manager for designers – and when you might need one