Create the life you want, supported by the business you love.

reverse engineering the business you have, to fit a life you love

consulting for today's overburdened business owners

would i be reading your mind if i guessed you...

Suffer from a To-Do List that just doesn't quit

Fit the definition of success by most standards, but even when you’re offline you’re still thinking about your business

Wish your business would start carrying you, instead of you carrying it all the time

Brace yourself... Your business shouldn’t be your ball and chain. It should be your ticket to the life you always dreamed of. 

Ready to say buh-bye to burnout?!

"I've scaled my business to this point, but I want to prevent burnout and support my people, company culture, and have lasting success."

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"I need help knowing what systems I need, and help creating them, then I can take it from there!"

I gotchu, Ms. CEO.

Biz analysis + Action steps

"I want to have a stable foundation to guide me in the proper direction, feel more sturdy, confident, and have the ability to feel secure in the direction of my business."

That's my speciality >>

"I need ongoing support managing ME and/or my team."

business audit

“I need help focusing on an actionable part of my business that will allow me to start stepping out of the mess and into my zone of genius. Clear direction in 90 minutes sounds so do-able!”

SMART Goal Mapping
Clifton Strengths Assessment
Success KRAs, SWOT, and Financial Trend Analysis

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"I needed help yesterday. Let’s get started."


grab my sustainable scaling plan so you can take your first steps to creating your legacy with ease.

Hey, hey! I’m Nikki.

Nikki Vance is the only top-to-bottom business strategist leading overburdened creative small business owners to develop people-focused, sustainable businesses in tandem with optimized systems, strategic best practices, and more.

Whether it’s creating margin for freedom or ramping up the business and planning to scale, Nikki comes alongside leaders to help them put their ideas into action and achieve their goals for their business and their teams in an era of hustle culture, workaholism, and toxic leadership traits—all widely accepted as “par for the course” among expectations of 80-hour work weeks and equating success with lots-and-lots of money.

Our specialty? Helping you create your legacy.

Oh, and I have a 100% success rate.
More on that later.

client love

Kristina s.

"Nikki brings a MASSIVE sense of relief."

She always has a bank of ideas on how to make my entrepreneurial (and personal!) life easier and most importantly, she knows how to improve my client's experience.

kayla s.

"Nikki always goes above and beyond."

Not only is she a genius when it comes to systems and processes, but she genuinely cares about my business and how it's growing.

jen b.

"working with nikki is worth every penny of the investment."

She feels more like a partner in my business - she is always looking for opportunities to add value and she treats my business like her own. She always goes the extra mile."

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your custom biz audit

your custom biz audit