The closest thing to a clone of yourself.

“I knew I needed to improve my client experience and streamline my systems, so I hired an online business manager.”

Less have-tos. More get-tos.

Online Business Manager (noun): 

Drop your shoulders. Sit up. Breathe. Smile.

Feel that? Sweet, sweet relief.* 

What if we sat down over an ice cold glass of sweet tea, (my treat, of course!) to talk shop? Would I be reading your mind if I guessed you...

*You’ve just put a Band-Aid on a problem that needs stitches.

Spend too much time Band-Aiding your business systems.

Say you’re busy, but that’s an understatement. 

Know in your bones that you’re just one more *insert task here* from finally having the life you deserve.

Brace yourself. I’m ripping off that Band-Aid. Your business shouldn’t be your ball and chain. It should be your ticket to the life you always dreamed of. 

And me? I’m the extension of you who makes it possible. 

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Hey, hey! I’m Nikki.

As an OBM & Business Operations Strategist, I bring systems and structure to your business so you can finally rock your one role: CEO. My multi-management hats have prepared me well for partnering up with you, and rooting down so your business can bloom to its highest potential. I’ve worked as a manager for a construction company, car dealership, horse farm, empowerment coach, and 8-year old. (And let me tell you, her social calendar is more demanding than any of my clients!) My specialty? Creating unforgettable client experiences.

Oh, and I have a 100% success rate.
More on that later.

client love

Kristina s.

"Nikki brings a MASSIVE sense of relief."

She always has a bank of ideas on how to make my entrepreneurial (and personal!) life easier and most importantly, she knows how to improve my client's experience.

kayla s.

"Nikki always goes above and beyond."

Not only is she a genius when it comes to systems and processes, but she genuinely cares about my business and how it's growing.

jen b.

"working with nikki is worth every penny of the investment."

She feels more like a partner in my business - she is always looking for opportunities to add value and she treats my business like her own. She always goes the extra mile."

Ready to say buh-bye to burnout?!

"I need help knowing what systems I need, and help creating them, and maybe some strategy too...!"

Systems are my love language >>

"I need help knowing what systems I need, and help creating them, then I can take it from there!"

I gotchu, Ms. CEO.


"I need ongoing support managing ME and/or my team."

That's my speciality >>

"I need ongoing support managing ME and/or my team."

operations management

"I needed help yesterday, but it's a little different!"

Let's get started! >>

"I needed help yesterday. Let’s get started."

custom services

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the ultimate face-off: